PCB Fabrication Proto PCB

Get export quality pcb at lowest rate

Our PhotozonePro service is our EXPRESS & Low cost choice. We provide Green Mask & Legend layer. These are   the same professional quality double sided circuit boards as our production service, but at a fixed price and shipping just in 5 business days.

PhotozonePro PCB have comp & solder copper layers with a tin plating over the pads. PCB have comp & solder green mask layers to make board green in color. On comp side white silkceen showing component ref names and outline. The green masking give the boards as very elegent look.

      PhotozonePro designes must fit in a 100 sqcm rectangle and no dimension can exceed 25 cm.

      We send you 6 identicle PCB with each order

      Fixed price Rs. 3500 SHIPPING   

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Specification for PhotozonePro PCB.

  • PCB must fit 100 sqcm
  • PCB should be rectangle
  • No dimesion should be above 25 cm
  • Spacing / tracks should be 6/6 mil minimum
  • Quantity is 6 nos. only
  • Smallest finish hole 0.50 mm  
  • Tin plating with green masking and white


  • Multiple PCB will not seperated.
  • Longer slots than 3 mm not availiable for proto  


  • width of solt should be  minimun 1 mm

Please e-mail to photozonegraphics@gmail.com