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                  MCPCB Fabrication( Metal PCB Fabrication)


               MCPCB  is demand of market. We provide solution for design as well as proto support for new customers who are not famillier of the design part and specifications of different metalcore material.
LED PCB will increase @ rate of 300 % in next year in India only. We are bound to give quality service. India has a huge potential for growth in the future  LED Lighting. The material specification will be given to our customer to educate them so that they will know their product well.
                We help our client to choose best material. The our LED PCB are the best and competative. 
We never compramise to quality and service.


The high efficiency operation of LEDs will reduce energy consumption by more than 70%, saving a lot of money on energy bills. The fluorescent bulbs must be continually replaced while LEDs offer extremely long life operations in excess of 100,000 hours or 10 years, making LED lighting a very attractive cost-saving lighting solution for building owners.

Many of today's automobiles are taking steps to use LEDs to expand their ability to deliver higher brightness within smaller spaces and a high level of color controls to improve the driver's visibility.
These high-brightness LED assemblies must withstand a wide range of temperature and mechanical vibration. Metal Core PCB construction enables the PCB to be mounted directly to the surrounding light assembly for greater


Applications for MCPCB. 


LED Lighting.


Machine Vision


Automotive Lighting


Power Conversion


Military / Aerospace field


Motor Controls

LED Lighting Application



Tunnel / bridges


Public Places

Parking Areas

Bus/ Train Stops

Public Building


Event Halls

Praking garages

Entrance Hall

Train Station Airports


House Light

Industrial Light

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Types of MCPCB
MC PCB For Downlights
MC PCB For Flood Lights
MC PCB For Panel Lights
MCPCB For Trio 3W 3LED
Rohs Mcpcb
LED Tube Light MCPCB
Street Light MCPCB
10W-50W LED Module MCPCB


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Using A grade material for PCB.
MCPCB General Info

A single sided MCPCB consists of a metal base (usually aluminum, or copper alloy), Dielectric (non-conducting) Layer, Copper Circuit Layer, IC components and solder mask.

The prepreg dielectric provides excellent heat transfer from the foil and components to the base plate, while maintaining excellent electrical isolation. The base aluminum/copper plate gives the single-sided substrate mechanical integrity, and distributes and transfers the heat to a heat sink, mounting surface or directly to the ambient air.

The Single-Layer MCPCB can be used with surface mount and chip and wire components, and provides much lower thermal resistance than FR4 PWB. The metal core provides lower cost than ceramic substrates, and allows much larger areas than ceramic substrates.



  • Base material: Aluminum
  • Thermal Conductivity (dielectrial layer): 1.3mw/K
  • Board Thickness: 1 mm and 1.6 mm
  • Copper thickness:  1.0 OZ
  • Outline: Routing ( any shape ) , Sharing , 
  • Soldermask: White/Black/Blue/Green/Red
  • Legend/Silkscreen Color: Black/White
  • Surface finishing:  HASL
  • Max Panel size:  300 mm x  400 mm ( HASL Finish ) 350 mm  x 600 mm ( Without HASL )
  • Samples L/T: 4~6 Days
  • MP L/T: 8~10 Days