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on time Quality pcb

  • We give our clients the same advice that we would give to our best friends
  • We give best quality pcb board and  fast   service.
  • We are big to handle any order quantity and we are very small to feel you are the only customer.


Testimonials as quality pcb supplier

I first tried printing my masks through Photozone Electronics  after having got it done from the USA in the past.

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Dhananjay Dendukuri


You are as good as your photo.

Photozone assures your pcb board designs are truly plotted onto his films.

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Anil Parekh

( CEO )

We have given you few pcb board jobs for Photo plotting and found your plotting quality very good.

We appreciate your services & quality both. 

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Quality PCB

Photozone Electronics is listed In everything PCB The Printed Circuit board Industries Product, Service and Resource Guide.

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Photozone Graphics serving Electronics industry since 1995....

  Photozone Graphics offers quality services for Printed Circuit Board Industry and also provide service for end customers who require bare prototype PCB.  Get PCB quotation with in 2 hours or calculate the your PCB board pricing if you require standard printed circuit board Click here             
Photozone specialize in Laser photo plotting  services and cam service for Printed circuit Board industry. Laser Photo plotting includes  steping, mirroring and merging. Photozone is premier Laser photo plotting service for the printed circuit board (PCB) industry. Photozone offer 24 hours quick turn service.





          MCPCB  is demand of market. We provide solution for design as well as proto support for new customers who are not famillier of the design part and specifications of different metalcore material.
LED PCB will increase @ rate of 300 % in next year in India only. We are bound to give quality service. India has a huge potential for growth in the future  LED Lighting. The material specification will be given to our customer to educate them so that they will know their product well.
                We help our client to choose best material. The our LED PCB are the best and competative. We never compramise to quality and service.



export quality PCB Fabrication


          Photozone Graphics provide export quality prototype circuit board at competitive rates. Circuit board needed in all electronics industry. R & D section need their circuit board in time as well as these circuit board should be error free. Photozone Graphics check all gerber data before sending it for fabrication. This save time as well as provide error free circuit board. Photozone Graphics having facility to produce export quality PCB. You will get quotation with in 2 hours.  

             Multilayer Pcb is now demand of electronic industry. To make product compact many product designers are now go for Multilayer PCB.The cost of product increase due to multilayer quality pcb but the look and quality of product has great effect on it.



Laser Photoplotting For Quality PCB


        Photozone Graphics provides premiere Laser Photo plotting service to Electronics Industry. Supporting no. of cad formats. Photozone offers reliable, quick turn ( 24 hours ) photo plotting service producing high  quality photo tools on silver halide films @ competitive rates.



Convert dwg, pcb  CAD file to gereber


              Photozone Graphics provides a service in which CAD files are converted from one format to another. There are many type of file formats that are used by various PCB design CAD Softwares. Some times the PCB design houses produces the format that can not be read more