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               Photozone Electronics provide export quality prototype circuit board at  competitive rates. Circuit board needed in all electronics industry. R & D section need their circuit board in time as well as these circuit board should be error free. Photozone Electronics check all gerber data before sending it for fabrication. This save time as well as provide error free circuit board. Photozone Electronics having facility to produce export quality PCB. You will get quotation with in 2 hours.



Copy PCB ( circuit Board )


If you do not have the pcb design on the paper or hard copy,  But if you can provide a sample of bare PCB, then we can redesign the PCB for you. If the pcb is populated with components then also we can redesign the PCB & provide BOM for your convenience.


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Printed Circuit Board


input for multilayer pcbs

      We prefer Gerber Data and drill file.


We can send our best offer within 02 hours on getting the Enquires with Gerber Data  or the details specification.


    We accept directly Eagle BRD file, Protel  PCB file Orcad max file and Express PCB file.


   Eagle file for  PCB Mfg   Protel file for  PCB Mfg    Orcad  file for  PCB Mfg



Lead Time For PCB

               The normal delivery of Prototype PCB’s of quantity up to 10 nos. - Will be 08 working days for D/s. pth Pcb.

PCB specifications


  • Single side, Doulbe side Pth  Printed Circuit Board. MCPCB ( Metal Core PCB )

  • Material FR 4 ( Nema Grade )
  • With 8 mil track / 8 mil spacing
  • 8 mil fine pitch SMDs.
  • Minimum Hole size of 16 mil.
  • SMD or Non- SMD BGA
  • Lead free PCB
  • Board Finish can be given SMOBC with PISM, HASL 
  • Bare Board Testing will be done on Universal Tester for     Non-SMD Pcb 

  • On Flying Probe tester for SMD Pcb.

  • Advance technical support.
  • Economical rates.
  • Fast delivery.
  • PCB will be error free.
  • Export quality PCB

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We hope above information gives clear picture about our capabilities and facilities .In case if you need any more information please feel free to contact us. We shall send our quote on receipt of enquiries Or meet in person for Technical/Commercial discussion on your call.

            We  are  offering  special  discount to  students  for PCB  for  their  electronics  projects. Please e-mail for details.


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