Laser Photo Plotting Laser Photo Plotting

                       Photozone Electronics is not only just plot but also support customers by doing free DRC for PCB gerber. We also do small editing in gerber if required so that the PCB is not get rejected.

                          Photozone Electronics provides a premier Laser Photo Plotting service for the PCB industry. Supporting a number of CAD & CAM formats. Photozone Electronics offers a reliable, quick turn plotting service, producing high quality photo tools on silver hailide film at  competitive rate.


 file format

                   There are many different CAD formats that have evolved over time are better suited to PCB production than other. The issue which is the CAD file in and can it be converted to one that is compatible with Laser Photo Plotting. Photozone Electronics uses gerber or gerber extended formats as standard for Laser Photo Plotting. Other formats may be converted to standard gerber for Laser Photo Plotting.

                   We strongly recommend the gerber files for Laser Photo plotting as we can analyses these file for design rule check before photo plotting.

                       We offer many different film sizes from 10 X 12 inch to 18 x 24 inches for cost effective plotting.                          



  • Mechanism Laser photo plotting.
  • Choice of apertures unlimitedĚ  
  • Addressability : 2000 DPI,4000 DPI , 40,000 DPI
  • Accuracy : +/-0.05 MIL
  • Repeatability : +/-0.10 MIL
  • Multiple plotting of films on the same film.
  • Merge plotting of +VE and -VE on the same film.
  • Maximum film size 610 x  457 mm.


  • Gerber ( with d-code list ).
  • Extended Gerber
  • HPGL
  • Autocad DXF
  • Autocad DWG
  • EPS
  • Postscript


We accept directly Eagle BRD file, Protel  PCB file and Orcad file.



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Laser Photoplotting Applications


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  Printed Circuit Board (PCB) manufacturing
  Screens for screen printing (Silk screens)
  Chemically etched metal components

  Low-cost, large feature masks for semiconductor  

      processing Wheels and strips for optical rotary and

      linear encoders

  Microwave devices
  Nameplates .
  Membrane switches and overlays .
  MCPCB ( Metal core PCB ).

  Solar Films.