Laser Photoplotting Laser Photoplotting Applications

pcb film

Films for PCB production

Photozone Electronics Offers accurate films for Printed Circuit Boards & Electronics Industry.

All the films

  • Positional accuracy is 0.05 mil.
  • Zero defect films.
  • Free Replacement Guarantee .
  • Free DRC for every job

Micro fluidic Pattern

microfluidic pattern

Films For Precision graphics

Microfluidics patterns require for unit operations.

minimum line width 25 micron.

Positive or Negative on special Fuji 7 mil thick Film HPR -7 S 

Films For Encoders

Encoders may be implemented using a variety of technologies:


Optical. This uses a light shining onto a photo diode through slits in a metal or glass disc. Reflective versions also exist. This is one of the most common technologies.

More About Encoder

Films  For Chemical milling

Chemical etching creates metal parts with a precision unmatched by traditional metal fabrication methods.

Films for Metal stamping.