Photozone Electronics provides a service in which CAD files are converted from one format to another. There are many types of file formats that are used by various PCB design CAD programs. Often the PCB design house produces a format that is not usable by the fabricator or photo plotter. The standard is Gerber format; most design houses will be able to produce Gerber files for PCB fabrication. 


PDF file from autocad dwg and dxf


Photozone Electronics  provide PDF files from autocad DXF and dwg with the help of  dwg to pdf converter. The result is most accurate one. To try sample please e-mail us.


Gerber file from PDF ( convert pdf file to a gerber file )


Some Design software provide postscript or PDF files. Photozone Electronics will convert your PDF file to gerber file. We normally sent gerber files by e-mail with in 4 working hours.



Gerber Editing

                         Gerber editing is one another speciality of Photozone Electronics. We do minor changes if customer demands with nominal charges.


                     Sometime cnc drill is missing from the gerber data we can create the cnc data from the gerber data. Drill file generated from scanned data ( min 600 dpi ) also possible for simple PCB.



Some of the most common file formats are:

  • Gerber RS274 or RS274X (preferred)
  • Autocad DXF
  • HGPL 
  • Postscript
  • Autocad Dwg



  • Gerber (F9000/MDA, 274D, 274X, BARCO/DPF)
  • HPGL and HPGL2
  • ODB++
  • Drill and Mill
  • AutoCAD DWG and DXF
  • EPS, PS, PDF
  • Various Raster Data formats on a limited basis only



  • Gerber (F9000, 274D, 274X, BARCO/DPF)
  • ODB++
  • Drill and Mill
  • AutoCAD DWG and DXF
  • Postscript

                             File conversion is changing the format of a file from one standard to another. Photozone Electronics can change between many formats types. The goal is to produce one that is compatible with the equipment of the customer and/or his vendors. For example, Gerber format is standard for the printed circuit board industry, but DXF formats are standard for the mechanical and architectural industries. This however, does not mean that a mechanical design package is incapable of outputting printed circuit designs, it only means that it's output file must be converted before Photo plotting can take place. Due to the complexity of these formats conversions may require manual editing to achieve the proper results

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      conversion rates are only $ 30

      conversion rates are only $ 30  email your data to 

      with subject 'CAD CONVERSION' & get your data within 4 hour.


      * The conversion rates are for simple files for complex files you need to submit files for quotation.

                         What our Clients talk about us

Hi Prashant:

I do not work on PCB layout for a living, but I do it because it is a part of my making my creations a reality.  HOWEVER, just as ANYBODY that’s done PCB layout, EVERYBODY knows that a layout without errors is absolutely desirable, and everybody takes pride in trying to make it a single pass event no errors.  When I sent my file to you, I thought it was perfect, but you found one error, so I have to thank you for that, since, otherwise, I would have had to make an extra step in my manufacturing process to account for that error; that would take extra time and cost me money.

Your careful examination of my file will save me that time and money, so really $7 doesn’t even pay for that.  I am having 100 PCBs made, initially, with this design.  Please keep the $7 and my very grateful thanks!

Perhaps you can tell what this board does?

PS My most recent email to you previous to this one has the modified PCB file on it with the correction to the error you showed me.  You can either use that to generate new Gerbers, or make the change yourself, as you showed, exactly.  Either way, thanks again!