What our Clients talk about us ?

I first tried printing my masks through Photozone Electronics  after having got it done from the USA in the past.  Our application is a fairly demanding one with features routinely at 30 microns.  I was very happy with the printed features and with the prompt service - the quality was comparable to the product from the USA.  In addition, I found the people at Photozone to be extremely helpful, responsive to our requests and technically capable.  They were not satisfied till we were satisfied - something that we as customers really appreciated about them. As a result, we get all our masks printed from Photozone.

Dhananjay Dendukuri, PhD

Lead Scientist

Connexios Life Sciences, Bangalore

You are as good as your photo.

Photozone assures your designs are truly plotted onto his films. Photozone is sincere,accurate and dedicated. What more any business needs,  probably only TIME.

So watch out for this little gem in future.

Wishing Photozone all the best.

Anil Parekh

( CEO )

Printed Circuit Board Designing Firm

We have given you few jobs for Photo plotting and found your plotting quality very good.

We appreciate your services and quality both.



Hi Prashant:

I do not work on PCB layout for a living, but I do it because it is a part of my making my creations a reality.  HOWEVER, just as ANYBODY that’s done PCB layout, EVERYBODY knows that a layout without errors is absolutely desirable, and everybody takes pride in trying to make it a single pass event no errors.  When I sent my file to you, I thought it was perfect, but you found one error, so I have to thank you for that, since, otherwise, I would have had to make an extra step in my manufacturing process to account for that error; that would take extra time and cost me money.

Your careful examination of my file will save me that time and money, so really $7 doesn’t even pay for that.  I am having 100 PCBs made, initially, with this design.  Please keep the $7 and my very grateful thanks!

Perhaps you can tell what this board does?

PS My most recent email to you previous to this one has the modified PCB file on it with the correction to the error you showed me.  You can either use that to generate new Gerbers, or make the change yourself, as you showed, exactly.  Either way, thanks again!